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Floresta is the Sicilian village that boasts the position of greater altitude, situated at 1275 meters on the level of the sea. Set in a good position on the buttresses of the oriental Nebrodis, at the edge of the province of Catania, it rises on the watershed among the tall valleys of the river Alcantara (tributary of the Ionian sea) and of the stream Naso (tributary of the Tyrrhenian sea), in a natural saddle among the Pistone mountain (1261 ms) southwest and the Serra Baratta (1395 ms) to northeast, distinguishing itself for the particular beauty of the uncontaminated nature that surrounds it, absorbed in a climate of exceptional salubriousness in which the sight spaces losing itself among endless horizons, luxuriant wooded mantles widely extended and breathtaking landscapes: with similar prerogatives Floresta is a village that strongly valorizes the production of lumber and the breeding of the ovine and bovine livestock, principal source of revenue of the country together with the traditional handicraft workmanship of the milk-cheese products, among which you detach both the fresh ricotta, and the famous provole (typical and famous Sicilian product as recognized in the Decree of 28 December 1998 of the Assessorato all’Agricoltura of the Sicilian Region and inserted more and more in the National list of the Traditional agricultural and food Products by the Office of the Agricultural Policy, ----> Continue ---->


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